Power MP3 Recorder 6.0

Power MP3 Recorder 6.0
Publisher: CooolSoft

Power MP3 Recorder 6.0 Description

Power MP3 Recorder 6.0 is a program that will help you record MP3 from any available sound source directly without costing any other disk space. With a simple and intuitionistic interface, you can record your sound easily and quickly.

What can MP3 Sound Recorder do for you?

- Record mp3, wav from whatever played through your sound card.
- Record mp3, wav from your cassette tape directly.
- Record mp3, wav from any voice from MIC directly.
- Record mp3, wav from CD audio directly while playing.
- Record mp3, wav from any other sound line in such as radio , TV , CD Player directly.


Various sound sources support:
- Power MP3 Recorder can record audio files or voice playing in your PC or other sound sources, such as cassette tape, microphone, CD/VCD/DVD player, radio, TV, and so on. This is helpful for you to record and save the important audio information.

Queue recording support:
- Power MP3 Recorder supports queue recording. You can make schedule to let the recorder record the voice automatically. You can set the start time, record length, audio format(MP3 or WAV) and file name of target file in the queue. And the recorder will auto start at the time you have set. This is very useful for you to record something at a specified time of a day, week or month.

Real time MP3 encoding support:
- By using real time MP3 encoding, Power MP3 Recorder can record voice into MP3 format directly without recording it into WAV format first. This will greatly consume your disk space. For one minute WAV format audio file costs about 10M bytes disk space.

Wide-range bitrate support:
- Power MP3 Recorder supports a wide range of bitrate. You can set the target bitrate for recording file from 8 kbps to 320 kbps as you need.

Multiple sampling per second support:
- Power MP3 Recorder supports a wide range of sampling per second. You can set the target sampling per second for recording file from 8000 to 44100 hertz as you need.

Continue record support:
- Power MP3 Recorder can record the voice from the end of the the same file that has been stopped.

Recording device selectable:
- If you have several audio recordable devices, you can select them through Power MP3 Recorder easily.

Auto functions support:
- Power MP3 Recorder can detect recording sound signal level and pause or resume the recording automatically. The recorder will pause when the sound signal level is low and it will restart when the level is higher than that you have set. So that you can skip the blank signal easily. When recording, it can start a new file when the sound signal level is lower than that you have set. This function is most useful while recording your LP or cassette type music to MP3.The recorder can generate recording file name according to the date or time automatically.

Simple and easy user interface:
- The interface of Power MP3 Recorder is simple, you can know how to use it within 5 minutes.

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