Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42
Publisher: Sony Creative Software Inc

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42 Description

Creating and editing HD videos with 3D effects was, not so long ago, something that only the big studios and entire teams of professionals could successfully do. Well, not anymore! Your home computer can now be turned into an editing studio, powered by one of the best producers out there: Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42.

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42 looks and works just like a pro, with only a fraction of the costs. The evaluation version will enable you to fully experience the awesome feature pack and impressive processing capabilities. Even though it is not meant for novices, it can be used by less experienced users, after they spend a few minutes browsing the well-organized documentation.

As most people would expect, the application supports an impressive number of video, audio and image media formats. Besides basic operations like splitting and joining files, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42 comes with a plethora of video effects, transitions and even media generators for title screens or credits.

And if importing from almost any conceivable format and media, editing and customizing aren't enough, you can use this software to capture video, rip audio CDs, get and share media online. Uploading to YouTube is a mouse click away, as are the disc burning and exporting to a camera or other portable device.

Even if going gets tough, this application has a great helper ready to get you out of troubles. By clicking the "Show Me How" toolbar button you will start an interactive tutorial for any operation you want to perform.

With outstanding quality and support for multimedia files, packing loads of features and handy walkthroughs, Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42 will be your guide into the attractive world of movie creation. Professional to the bone, this software really brings great value for the price and earns one of the top places on the recommendation list.


- Video editing
- Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software uses simple drag-and-drop editing and basic commands such as cut, copy, and paste to create professional-looking movies on your PC. You can personalize your movies with text animations, title rolls and scrolling credits. Play video in slow or fast motion, reverse video, or apply advanced effects such as green screen and picture-in-picture.

Text, titles and generated backgrounds:
- Quickly add text, titles, and custom backgrounds to your projects. Use a collection of presets for animated credit rolls or custom lower thirds. Add a professional touch to start your project with color bars. Animate a gradient or generate a solid color with custom masking for a truly unique look.

Share HD movies on Blu-ray Disc:
- Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software makes it easy to share your high-definition movies on Blu-ray Disc. Burn your movie to Blu-ray Disc directly from the Vegas Movie Studio Platinum timeline.

Video restoration tools:
- Advanced color correction tools enhance washed-out footage, make specific colors stand out, and balance differences in video due to camera setup or lighting problems. Image restoration tools remove red-eye from photos.

New! Correct shaky video:
- Use image stabilization technology to reduce jitter and shaky video footage. Users with shaky video footage, commonly shot from handheld camcorders and inexpensive portable pocket devices, have the ability to quickly salvage this media using several optimized presets

New! Slideshow creation made easy:
- This new feature gives you the ability to quickly create a dynamic slideshow from a set of images with a few simple clicks. It is designed to be simple, easy to use, and can quickly create pan/zoom effects and transitions across a collection of still images.

New! Secondary color corrector:
- The Secondary Color Corrector tool provides users with a detailed toolset for adjusting differences in video shot with different camera setups or lighting situations; enhance dull, washed-out footage; or make specific color ranges stand out.

New! White balance:
- The White Balance tool gives you the ability to quickly make video look great when originally shot with poor white levels. Users can use the eyedropper tool to select and adjust the white levels within a video clip, automatically adjusting the color of the entire clip.

Track envelopes:
- Envelopes are an easy way to control parameters, such as volume and panning, over time. With Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software you can use envelopes to control audio volume and panning.

Keyframeable real-time effects with preview:
- Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software includes video effects and 2D and 3D video transitions to enhance your movies. All of the video effects are keyframeable: you can set the specific video frame where an effect begins and the frame where it ends. You can even specify the level of effect for every frame in between!

- To see your effects and transitions in action, Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software lets you preview effects and transitions in real time at full resolution on your computer monitor or on a secondary monitor.

Audio tools:
- Powerful audio tools let you create movies that sound as good as they look. Here are some examples of what you can do with audio in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software: create a custom music soundtracks, remove unwanted noise from video footage, use track envelopes to control audio volume and panning, record and edit live audio, synchronize audio with video.

Easy live recording:
- You can use Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software to record your own audio such as voiceovers, music, and narration to include in your project. Vegas Movie Studio has audio tracks, any of which can be used to record. You can also create different takes that you can select to include in your project.

Surround sound mixing and encoding:
- Import multichannel (5.1) source files from your camcorder including Sony DVD and AVCHD Handycam models. Use the surround sound mixing and panning tools to create surround DVD soundtracks. Encode AC-3 stereo or 5.1 mixes without leaving the software using the included Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding software.

Restore audio:
- The Audio Restoration plug-in lets you remove clicks, pops, and other noise from your music and audio clips to ensure the highest fidelity soundtrack for your video project.

New! Zplane ├âãÆ┬®lastique timestretching:
- With ├âãÆ┬®lastique Pro technology, you can perform dramatic time stretches and pitch-shifts of audio tracks while retaining maximum sound quality.

Add music:
- Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software includes 360 exclusive music soundtracks. Choose from a wide variety of royalty-free professionally created production music that can be modified to fit your movie's length. You can also import your own music directly from CDs or MP3 audio files.

- DVD and Blu-ray Disc authoring
- Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software provides a range of disc authoring tools. Choose from dozens of ready-made templates or create your own custom backgrounds and buttons. Create titles, multiple menus, scene-selction menus, slideshows, music compilations and more. All of this can then be authored to standard-definition DVD or high-definition Blu-ray Disc.

Extensive video and audio support:
- DVD Architect Studio software supports today's popular video and audio formats such as AVI, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and AVCHD so you can make DVD and Blu-ray disc projects that will play on almost any DVD/BD players or DVD/BD-capable computer.

Easy DVD preview:
- The Preview window allows you to preview your project on a simulated television screen with a virtual remote control. Use the buttons on the remote control to navigate and play your project.

Easy DVD and Blu-ray Disc creation:
- Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum software comes with DVD Architect Studio software so you can easily create and burn professional-looking DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. You'll be creating picture slideshows, single-movie DVDs, music compilations, and menu-based DVDs on your computer in no time!

Burn directly from the timeline:
- Burn either a DVD or Blu-ray Disc directly from the timeline. This is a fast method to create a single movie DVD or Blu-ray Disc to share your movies.

News in Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD 11.0 Build 42:

- Updated Sony AVC format render template customization to support AVCHD 2.0.
- Added a Blu-ray AVC setting to the Video format drop-down list in the Customize Settings dialog, allowing you to customize Sony AVC render templates for Blu-ray Disc.
- The Tools > Burn Disc > Blu-ray Disc with Menus command is unavailable when working with 5.1 surround projects.
- Fixed an issue that caused 5.1 surround AVCHD rendering templates to be available when working with a stereo project.
- Fixed an issue that could create duplicate tracks when switching a project from stereo to 5.1 surround.
- Fixed a bug that could prevent Vegas Movie Studio from reading 5.1-channel AAC audio correctly.
- Fixed a bug that could cause the Slideshow Creator to display images from a previous project.
- Fixed audio issues that could occur when rendering to Windows Media Video format.

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