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Download RJ TextEd 7.42 for Free

RJ TextEd 7.42

RJ TextEd 7.42 enables you to use syntax definition files in order to recognize keywords, tags, strings and other items that you want highlighted in the text. RJ TextEd 7.42 is a U...

June 19, 2011
Download Fiddler for Free


Have you ever found yourself wondering how Microsoft Internet Explorer interacts with your Web application? Have you encountered a strange performance bottleneck that you can'...

June 19, 2011
Download Universal SQL Editor for Free

Universal SQL Editor

Universal SQL Editor is a powerful, yet easy-to-use graphical tool for all database developers. Universal SQL Editor is an application designed to enable users t...

June 18, 2011
Download Adobe AIR for Free

Adobe AIR

Adobe AIR runtime enables developers to use proven web technologies in order to create rich Internet applications that will deploy to the desktop and can run on differe...

June 14, 2011
Download CNC Code Shooter Mill 3.4.5 for Free

CNC Code Shooter Mill 3.4.5

With CNC Code Shooter Mill 3.4.5 you will be able to input your code and send it to the text editor to view your whole program on the computer screen before you send it to the mach...

November 06, 2011
Download QuickBugs 2.2 for Free

QuickBugs 2.2

With QuickBugs 2.2, report, track and resolve bugs, issues and changes during product development. Save development and maintenance time. Focus team effort on tasks required to ...

November 06, 2011
Download DzSoft PHP Editor for Free

DzSoft PHP Editor

DzSoft PHP Editor is a handy and powerful application to help you write and test PHP scripts and HTML/XML pages. Being designed specifically for PHP development, it has a f...

November 06, 2011
Download Auto Debug Professional for Free

Auto Debug Professional

Auto Debug Professional for Windows is an auto-tracing application of programs. Auto Debug Professional will auto trace the target program and monitor the inpu...

February 06, 2011
Download Zend Studio 8.0.1 for Free

Zend Studio 8.0.1

Zend Studio 8.0.1 is a professional-grade PHP IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Zend Studio 8.0.1 has been designed to maximize developer productivity by enabling users to ...

May 25, 2011
Download VS.Php for Visual Studio 2005 for Free

VS.Php for Visual Studio 2005

VS.Php for Visual Studio 2005 will help you develop PHP code from within Visual Studio 2005. VS.Php for Visual Studio 2005 lets you build, edit and deploy php applic...

May 22, 2011
Download WinHex 16.0 for Free

WinHex 16.0

WinHex 16.0 is in its core a universal hexadecimal editor, particularly helpful in the realm of computer forensics, data recovery, low-level data processing, and IT security. An...

May 18, 2011
Download Python 3.2 for Free

Python 3.2

Python 3.2 is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. Python 3.2 is often compared to Perl, Tcl, Scheme, Ruby or J...

May 17, 2011
Download Scala 2.9.0 for Free

Scala 2.9.0

Scala 2.9.0 is a programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. Scala 2.9.0 smoothly integrates features of object-o...

May 15, 2011
Download Perl Studio 2010 for Free

Perl Studio 2010

Perl Studio 2010 is an easy-to-use and comprehensive development solution for websites and applications based on Perl. Perl Studio 2010 has many features that wil...

June 05, 2011
Download PilotEdit 4.4.0 for Free

PilotEdit 4.4.0

PilotEdit 4.4.0 is a file editor that will help you search and replace multi line text, edit FTP files or even download and upload FTP files and directories. With PilotEdit 4.4.0 f...

May 05, 2011
Download CSE HTML Validator Professional 10.0200 for Free

CSE HTML Validator Professional 10.0200

CSE HTML Validator Professional 10.0200 assists in the creation of syntactically correct and accessible HTML, XHTML and CSS documents. It includes a link checker, spell checker, a...

January 05, 2011
Download PHPEdit for Free


PHPEdit is the best IDE (Integrated Developement Environment) that can be used to work with PHP. PHPEdit offers a bunch of tools which allow you to work eas...

April 30, 2011
Download UltraGram 5.0 for Free

UltraGram 5.0

UltraGram 5.0 is a visual parser generator for professional software development. UltraGram 5.0 provides extended functionality for creating grammar of a parser, interpreter or com...

April 26, 2011
Download SynWrite 2.5.835 for Free

SynWrite 2.5.835

SynWrite 2.5.835 is a handy, easy to use text editor designed to edit programs source codes with such features as syntax highlighting, code folding, tree structure etc. SynWrite 2....

April 26, 2011
Download XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition 4.9.0 for Free

XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition 4.9.0

XMLmind XML Editor Personal Edition 4.9.0 allows to edit large, complex, modular, XML documents. It makes it easy mastering XML vocabularies such as DocBook or DITA. The intende...

April 25, 2011
Download HashSlash 1.5 for Free

HashSlash 1.5

HashSlash 1.5 is a small developer utility designed to find MD5, SHA256, SHA1, SHA384, SHA512 and RIPEMD160 checksums / hashes from any file. HashSlash 1.5 is very lightweight a...

April 19, 2011