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Sony brings Music Unlimited to PSP

Sony brings Music Unlimited to PSP Sony's Music Unlimited service is coming to the PlayStation Portable.

Starting on Thursday, PSP owners with PlayStation Network IDs will be able to access Music Unlimited from their portable gaming devices. When people load up the app, they will be able to access millions of tracks on the streaming service from a range of major and independent labels.

Source: CNET
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YouTube is going LIVE

YouTube is going LIVE YouTube launches live streaming service:

With over 2 billion views a day, it's easy to think about YouTube as a place to watch videos recorded in the past. But you've told us you want more - and that includes events taking place right now. In response, we've live streamed a number of popular concerts, sporting events, and interviews, but primarily on a one-off basis.

Source: YouTube Official Blog
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Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed Review

Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed Review The Need for Speed series has left behind its arcade roots, but its influence can still be felt in the spiritual successor to the series in the best racing game of the year so far, Shift 2: Unleashed.

When it comes to the racing genre you have two options. You can go with the racing simulators- the Forza and Gran Turismo series games- where you can lose hours of your life fiddling with gear differentials, weight distribution and thousands of other things that most of us will never truly understand. Most importantly though is a realistic sense of physics in the actual driving. On the flip side of the coin are the arcade style racers, which drop you in places like Burnout's Paradise City, or Midnight Club's Los Angeles and command you to go forth and race while trying not to hit a building at 200 mph. Both are racing games, but there is a massive gap between the two genres. Shift 2: Unleashed is a game that tries to fill this gap, and does a fairly decent job of it.

Source: Digital Trends
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LinkedIn for Android 1.0

LinkedIn for Android 1.0 LinkedIn for Android has been available in a beta version for a short period of time, and is now available for download in a full version, both through the Android Market, as well as via the LinkedIn website.

LinkedIn for Android 1.0 comes with the entire features set that users would be accustomed with when it comes to LinkedIn, so that they would benefit from a full professional experience on their business smartphone while on the go.

Source: LinkedIn Corp.
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Final Fantasy V Coming to PS3 and PSP via PlayStation Network

Final Fantasy V Coming to PS3 and PSP via PlayStation Network Square Enix is continuing to bring back its first iterations in the massively successful Final Fantasy series of JRPGs, and has just announced that it will be launching Final Fantasy V onto the PlayStation Network, for platforms like the PS3 home console or the PSP handheld one.

Source: Softpedia
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Hacker group

Hacker group The amorphous hacking collective "Anonymous" is now fighting a war on two fronts -- while one battle continues to rage over WikiLeaks, a new battle has begun with Sony. As of yesterday, Anonymous is focusing efforts on both PlayStation Network and PlayStation's official website, bringing both down at various points. Sony's PlayStation blog noted the issue yesterday, stating that some folks were "experiencing intermittent service" and saying Sony was "working on finding a solution."

Source: joystiq
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Fring for Android, iPhone getting group video chats

Fring for Android, iPhone getting group video chats With more and more smartphones and tablets getting front-facing cameras these days, video chatting is on the forefront. VoIP company Fring, like rival OoVoo, is making group calling its next step.

The latest beta update to Fring, available today, will let you chat with up to four participants who also use Fring on an Android phone or iPhone.

Source: CNET
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Facebook creates a page for journalists

Facebook creates a page for journalists Since today Facebook, the social network with more users on the Internet, has created a website designed to promote the use of this network among journalists.

Journalists on Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg the company aims to be a source of information and a meeting point for journalists. Facebook has spent months working on this idea see the light now.

'In Journalists on Facebook, journalists will find the best practices for the integration of Facebook's latest products through their work and can connect with an audience of over 500 million people.'

Source: Facebook
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Plectrum, or how to play guitar with your iPad

Plectrum, or how to play guitar with your iPad It is widely believed that the iPhone and iPad is 'like a toy'. It is always nice to see some examples of application, though simple, is really useful, and this is the case.

The application is called Plectrum, and there is nothing but an application that allows the use to improve their technique on the guitar in a very visual. Not only applies to the guitar, but also provides practice with a low (four or five strings), a ukulele or a banjo, among others.

Plectrum iPad use the microphone to detect the note or chord you're playing with our instrument and we say if we do well or not. The screen displays a tab that we can continue, or even where we can play. The application has support for purchases within her new songs that play, and we can create our tablature and share to get us some eurillos. We also ensure that the tabs that offer, even when created by amateur users will have a minimum quality as they are checked one by one.

Source: MisoMedia
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Gnome 3 announced for today

Gnome 3 announced for today Gnome 3 would be ready to go the week of April 4. However, at the official website, the release of Gnome 3 is scheduled for today, April 6. The deadline announced in the Gnome mailing list on March 22 has been fulfilled.

In the project's page is not available yet, but yesterday made ​​available to all of us an advance, a Fedora-based Live distribution for x32 architecture only.

This new version of Gnome is a considerable change of the last stable 2.32. Without making comparisons, but certain parallels, this release reminds me of the release of KDE in version 4. The bet was risky, but necessary, and not just left as well as they expected. Of instability and excessive consumption of resources were the subject of some disarray to other desktop environments.

Source: Gnome
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