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Panda Cloud Free Antivirus

Panda Cloud Free Antivirus Panda Cloud Free Antivirus, currently at version 1.4, changes a bit the classic concept of antivirus. Usually antivirus softwares connected to the network to update the signature files from time to time, sometimes once a day. Cloud Panda breaks this paradigm and they propose the use of the Internet connection to have upgraded our equipment at all times.

So, it is an antivirus that would not recommend for computers that are not always connected to the Internet. If we have no connection to the Cloud Panda makes no sense.

This issue has its advantages over traditional antivirus and also its drawbacks. Take the case of a computer that connects to the network from time to time, we do not use it every day, but whenever we do have an Internet connection.

Source: Genbeta
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SublimeVideo now available for everyone

SublimeVideo now available for everyone The video on the Internet has just taken a step forward. SublimeVideo, allows any publication to upload and display video using the new Internet standard, is now available for everyone. Thanks to this, all the website portals may wish to distribute their videos universal, offering HTML5, Flash formats as appropriate. This player was in beta.

SublimeVideo gets that through a video player of their own, made ​​from scratch in javascript without using external libraries. As can be seen in the demonstration of their official website, from a current computer can choose to rely on Flash or using HTML5 to watch the video. If instead we are using devices such as iPad (no Flash support), the SublimeVideo player will play the video directly using HTML5.

Source: Genbeta
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iPad Photoshop Live Demo

iPad Photoshop Live Demo One of the coolest things at the Photoshop World Conference 2011 was the unveiling of the Photoshop for iPad tech that Adobe is working on. While the recent upgrades for Photoshop Express on iOS adds some horsepower to the app, the stuff that Adobe has in the pipeline for tablet devices looks pretty sick.

This unnamed version would let users add, switch to, and edit layers with an isometric view to show the different layers at a glance. Other additions should bring image objects that can be dragged and rotated as well as a color mixer that allows blending 'like a painter'.

The software developer didn't say how likely the new version was to come to fruition or give a timeline. Support for Android or other platforms also wasn't mentioned.

Source: Electronista
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Ubuntu 4.11 Beta 1 is now available for download

Ubuntu 4.11 Beta 1 is now available for download Recently published the first Beta of Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), as foreseen in the road map of the distribution, which was announced for March 31. As you know, a second beta is scheduled for April 14 before the official launch on 28 April.

02/06/1938 Kernel, Gnome 2.32.1 (Version 3 will not be ready until April 4), X. Org 7.5, 3.3.2 and Mozilla Firefox LibreOffice 4-now it in final version. This are some of the expected developments . Multiarch also is an important support, which allows libraries to install packages from different architectures.

The list of new features is very promising. One further integration of Ubuntu Easy access to system configuration. Auto Maximize Window by dragging the top panel, four-screen workspaces, a new and simple way to work with the panel of Unity.

Source: Ubuntu
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Vimeo launches iOS application

Vimeo launches iOS application Vimeo announced good news. People have gotten Vimeo establish itself as a multimedia service quality, which is constantly trying to provide better service. Vimeos last step was to create it own application to iOS.

With the implementation we can see videos on Vimeo, but also upload our own videos, and can even pause and resume the upload. But not only stopped there. The guys from Vimeo have decided to step forward and develop their own video editor.

This value-added application makes it even more interesting. No one can do many fantastic, but to cut a video, add a text field or subtitles before uploading will delight many users. We may also apply transitions and add new music tracks.

Source: Genbeta
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Viber, an alternative to Skype, announces its second version with free text messages

Viber, an alternative to Skype, announces its second version with free text messages Viber Media, which lets iPhone users make free calls to each other, has released version 2 of its app in the App Store.

Viber Media are still gearing up for the launch of their Android application, but in the meantime the update to the iPhone app brings a couple of goodies. The ability to text message other Viber users free of charge in particular. There isn't exactly a shortage of free messaging apps for the iPhone these days, but it's always nice to have a free app that supports both voice calls and text messages.

Viber v2.0 comes with a new tab dedicated to 'Messages', where users can see all of their messages and from which they can send new ones to their contacts.

Viber sends push notifications to users when they receive a text, so it's potentially a replacement for SMS.

Source: Tech Crunch
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Hotmail now supports interactive with Posterous and LivingSocial through ActiveViews

Hotmail now supports interactive with Posterous and LivingSocial through ActiveViews Last year Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing Hotmail begins to support interactive email using JavaScript, in order to enable users to complete actions such as social networking add friends, write reviews, or view updated information directly from the email, without having to go to another page.

But as expected, some claimed security problems that would lead to enable JavaScript in emails. Defended himself saying that Microsoft would use sandboxing to prevent system vulnerabilities, and the interactive would be highly regulated, allowing only a few reliable services to send this type of emails.

The problem is, given the latter restriction, ActiveViews overcrowding is becoming more or less slow, and depends on the agreements that Microsoft reached with other companies to use this feature. The good news is that, slowly, more services are added to this. At first it was only Netflix and LinkedIn, who used the ActiveViews so that people could order movies, and accept and or send invitations without having to open a new page.

Source: Genbeta
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Adobe may change the name of Photoshop and Lightroom in Creative Suite 6

Adobe may change the name of Photoshop and Lightroom in Creative Suite 6 Although nothing is known at the public level, Adobe is preparing the sixth version of Creative Suite, your application package graphic design and web development and multimedia. It seems we have some surprises: it has appeared a possible name change for Photoshop and Lightroom, two of the most used of all.

The reasons for this name change intended to improve the target to digital photographers, even if it satisfies me that there will be a few misunderstandings: the current would be called Photoshop Lightroom and the current would become ImageReady Photoshop.
In addition, a new edition of Creative Suite Premium Edition Photography call be launched for sale, geared for people interested in photography.

Source: 9to5mac
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Amazon and his own music service in the cloud

Amazon and his own music service in the cloud Amazon has launched his own storage and streaming music service from the cloud, called Amazon Cloud Player. This type of service had been rumored for some time, but most expect that Apple and Google should give before this step to Amazon. But it has advanced them with a service that is very good.

Amazon Cloud Player plays the music you have stored in Amazon Cloud Drive, hard disk found on the same charge. We can reproduce in two ways: from a web page or from our Android device (not currently work on devices with IOS). The benefits are clear as those responsible: after climbing the music we want to play online, do not worry or synchronize with devices or software upgrades or hardware to carry our music.

Source: Genbeta
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HelenOS updated to 0.4.3 version, Sashimi

HelenOS updated to 0.4.3 version, Sashimi Helen is a new operating system, still under development. It is written from scratch in C language almost in its entirety and not derived from any current operating system. The license is BSD, with parts under the GPL.

The image of the article is real, running the system on VirtualBox virtual machine. If you decide to try it, download the ISO image (just over 9MB in this case on AMD architecture) and the parameterization of the virtual machine: OS Type: Other / Unknown, 64 MB of RAM and the rest by default.

At system startup, you'll see the boot loader GRUB is used, as you press the [ENTER], starts like an exhalation, with minimal graphical environment, active mouse and the appearance you see in the image. The button to the right, kcon, start a console session.

Source: genbeta
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