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Download Opera Web Browser 27.0.1689.69 for Free

Opera Web Browser 27.0.1689.69

The most full-featured Internet power tool on the market, Opera Web Browser 27.0.1689.69 includes tabbed browsing, pop-up blocking, integrated searches and advanced functions like Operas groundbreaking e-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a...

February 18, 2015

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Download True Launch Bar 7.1 for Free

True Launch Bar 7.1

True Launch Bar 7.1 draws on the strengths of MS Windows, making a better use of its controls and technologies. Its close integration with Windows Explorer makes a thoughtful use o...

February 27, 2015
Download W8 Sidebar 6.0.0 for Free

W8 Sidebar 6.0.0

The main interface will show information about the processor (name,frequency and real time CPU time per core, up to 8 cores), memory , computer drives (up to 15 drives, fixed + rem...

February 27, 2015
Download Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro 5.4.6 for Free

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro 5.4.6

Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro 5.4.6 is powerful and easy-to-use morphing software for the creation of fantastic image morphing pictures and sophisticated animation effects. With our revo...

February 27, 2015
Download Autodesk Maya 2015 Service Pack 5 for Free

Autodesk Maya 2015 Service Pack 5

The award-winning Autodesk Maya 2015 is a tool of choice for those in the film, television, game development, and design industries who desire a high-level of control over their 3D...

February 27, 2015
Download AutoCAD 2015 SP 2 for Free

AutoCAD 2015 SP 2

AutoCAD 2015, the worlds leading customizable and extendable CAD application, lets you design, visualize, and document your ideas clearly and efficiently. With exciting tools fo...

February 27, 2015
Download XnView 2.31 for Free

XnView 2.31

XnView 2.31 is a handy utility for converting and viewing your graphics files. With XnView 2.31 you can quickly and easily view, process and convert image files. XnView 2.31 is ...

February 27, 2015
Download The Sims - FreePlay 5.11.0  for Free

The Sims - FreePlay 5.11.0

Try on the latest trends in The Sims FreePlay. LIVE FREE! PLAY FREE! From the creators of The Sims 3 series best-selling mobile games comes a COMPLETE Sims experience that you c...

February 27, 2015
Download Jetico Personal Firewall for Free

Jetico Personal Firewall

Jetico Personal Firewall will protect your computer from unwanted hackers attacks from outside as well as from malicious programs living secretly inside your computer...

February 27, 2015
Download Power Spy 11.50.0 for Free

Power Spy 11.50.0

Power Spy 11.50.0 will help you know exactly what others do on your PC while you are away. It secrectly logs all keystrokes typed, all chats and instant messages in MSN Messenger, ...

February 27, 2015
Download Network LookOut Administrator 3.8.23 for Free

Network LookOut Administrator 3.8.23

Network LookOut Administrator 3.8.23 allows you to see the screens of other computers over the network. This way, you can always watch what users are doing on the remote computer. ...

February 27, 2015
Download Trojan Killer for Free

Trojan Killer

Trojan Killer is a malicious computer software (malware) removal application. Samples of malware include various types of adware (displays unwanted advertising); spyware...

February 27, 2015
Download Helicon Focus 6.3.0 for Free

Helicon Focus 6.3.0

Helicon Focus 6.3.0 is a program that creates one perfectly focused image from several partially focused images. Helicon Focus 6.3.0 is designed for optic microscope image processi...

February 26, 2015
Download Krita for Free


Krita is an open source sketching and painting application created to offer digital artists the means to create detailed works of art using intuitive tools and if necessary...

February 26, 2015
Download StudioLine Photo Pro 4.0.25 for Free

StudioLine Photo Pro 4.0.25

StudioLine Photo Pro 4.0.25 is the highly effective software for the professional editing and management of large image collections in server-based networks. Of course, the RAW for...

February 26, 2015
Download ManyCam for Free


Manycam lets you to use your Webcam with multiple programs at the same time. Broadcast your Webcam on MSN Messenger, Yahoo!, Skype, AIM, Paltalk, and Camfrog all simultaneo...

February 26, 2015
Download Firefox 37.0b1 Beta for Free

Firefox 37.0b1 Beta

Firefox 37.0b1 Beta is an open-source web browser which provides excellent browsing speed, rich suite of customization options to personalize your daily Internet sessions, clean na...

February 26, 2015
Download Cyberfox 36.0 for Free

Cyberfox 36.0

Cyberfox 36.0 is a Mozilla-based Internet browser designed to take advantage of the 64-bit architecture. However, there is also a version for 32-bit computers available. The applic...

February 26, 2015
Download Python 3.4.3 for Free

Python 3.4.3

Python 3.4.3 is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language that is used in a wide variety of application domains. Python 3.4.3 is often compared to Perl, Tcl, Scheme, Ruby ...

February 26, 2015
Download Spyware Terminator 2015 for Free

Spyware Terminator 2015

Most computer users protect their workstations using full-fledged antivirus solutions which include or run in conjunction with a firewall. Even if this should provide enough shelte...

February 26, 2015
Download ooVoo for Free


ooVoo helps you connect with your friends, family, and business associates like youve never done before with high-quality video and sound. ooVoo is a free appl...

February 26, 2015
Download Google Chrome 41.0.2272.74 Beta for Free

Google Chrome 41.0.2272.74 Beta

Google Chrome 41.0.2272.74 Beta is a web browser that aims to deliver a fast and simple Internet navigation mode while bundling several powerful features, such as bookmarks, synchr...

February 26, 2015
Download Pixie Qualee Evolution 1.2 for Free

Pixie Qualee Evolution 1.2

If you are a super fan of candy, gems, jewels & diamonds games then you must try Pixie Qualee Evolution, the most exciting and addictive finger-tapping gems elimination game on Goo...

February 25, 2015
Download VMware Workstation 11.1.0 Build 2496824 for Free

VMware Workstation 11.1.0 Build 2496824

VMware Workstation 11.1.0 Build 2496824 is a powerful virtual machine software for system administrators and developers who want to revolutionize software development, deployment a...

February 25, 2015
Download Jolly Jam 3.1 for Free

Jolly Jam 3.1

A fresh puzzle game that will surely make you jolly! Prince Jam needs YOU to help save Princess Honey and the Jelly Kingdom. Download and play today for free! Defeat the evil Bo...

February 25, 2015
Download PRTG Network Monitor for Free

PRTG Network Monitor

PRTG Network Monitor is a handy and professional network montoring utility. The softwares features include: up/downtime monitoring, traffic and usage monitoring, packe...

February 25, 2015
Download Orbitum 39.0.2171.116 for Free

Orbitum 39.0.2171.116

Orbitum 39.0.2171.116 is an easy to use Internet browser that is based on Chromium and which aims to provide a more pleasant experience with websites and social services as well. ...

February 25, 2015
Download Lunascape for Free


Lunascape combines the best of Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer into a single browser. You can easily switch between engines on the fly for each tab. You c...

February 25, 2015